A Decade

From a fans, I’ve became their friend.

Last night, my favourite couple-musician launched a book as a mark for their fifteen years of professional music journey. The book is written by Eko Wustuk who has been known as a grunge enthusiast. It’s kind of unique collaboration because Endah N Rhesa (consist of Endah Widiastuti and Rhesa Aditya) is a hot stuff in folk music scene.

Wendi Putranto, manager of Seringai, who was known as a part of Rolling Stone Indonesia, opened the book launching as a moderator. He asked Eko to join him on the stage to tell a little bit about the book.

Finished of several questions and answers between them, Wendi called Endah and Rhesa also. Endah started this session with talked about the reason they asked Wendi to be the moderator. She told that Wendi was the one who “discover” Endah N Rhesa in the past (circa 2008) and put trust on them that they will be bigger and bigger.

For me, last night was so personal. Maybe I’m not their biggest fans but I can say that I know a little bit about them. Let’s begin.

29 November 2009, rain was pouring down at Depok. Non stop since noon until night. About seven or eight pm, I saw them started to play in a small stage between two main stages. At that time, I only knew one song from them (the most famous one). The thing is, they told the audiences that they were going to get married a week after. They showed the engagement ring and told us that they were going to move it from left to right hand.

After several meetings and photos, they started to realize that I was watching them at several stages in different time. They asked my name, I introduced myself and so on. One thing that I’ve learned so much from them is their humbleness. Started with star-struck until one day, after their stage at Manado in 2011 or 2012, Rhesa asked me, “why you never asked a photo with us again?”. And I just laughed. From a fans, I’ve became their friend.

Their most favourite song had accompanied my early 20’s. Sometimes, Endah “mocked” me when she sang it on the stage. She put a pressure in “just be brave to say” and winked at me.

I do believe that they can reach their level because a contribution from their team. They called them Earteam. Everyone who has a particular job to support Endah N Rhesa on and off stage. Started from a little team and went through several changes, now the team has already completed. I can see their togetherness is not only professionally but also personally. Everyone takes care each other.

In the past, I can follow them to every stages. But now, usually I ask Endah first, “do the event organizer allow a kid to join?”. Because as Endah wrote in pages 154 of the book, they’ve known me “sejak masih bujang sampai sudah berkeluarga seperti sekarang”.

I’ve uploaded this picture on my Instagram account.

Be greater and stay humble, Endah N Rhesa!

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